Susanne Hassler is an independent Photographer/Videographer based in Graz, Austria.
Her work experience includes being a staff Pressphotographer for an Austrian Newspaper (www.kleinezeitung.at) from 2012- 2015 and afterwards being part of a fine art photography company called Lupi Spuma. (www.lupispuma.com

Since 2019 she is independently working. 

Susanne, lived in Vancouver, BC, for three years when she was 19. She graduated from both VFS Film School and Focal Point Photography School. She came to take pictures at a young age when given her grandfather's old Rolleiflex by her father and also discovered her passion for the moving image early on. The study of light and darkness and its poetic relation to all matters within and without combined with a certain distant cinematic sensibility is what defines her style.